Description: PTFE Dry Spray is a product of Acheson that contains polytetrafluoroethylene. When sprayed, the PTFE acts as a lubricant and forms a dry film that resists to temperature up to 300°C.
Application: PTFE Dry Spray is applied wherever one wants to obtain anti-sticking surfaces. It has been designed to coat the walls of the common cold presses that are used by the diamond tool industry. The PTFE film acts as a release agent that resists both to temperatures as high as 300 C and to high pressures (3 T/cm²).
Advantages: PTFE DRY SPRAY is a unique product that offers the following advantages:  
  • It is easy to use.
  • It increases the wear resistance.
  • It reduces drastically the stickiness and facilitates the release operations of the segments.
  • It shows excellent lubrication properties during the cold pressing.
  • It does not react with the metal powders that are pressed.
  • It dries rapidly.
  • It has a long life.
  • It has a resists to most chemicals.