Producing (diamond) tools is not an easy task. Indeed, from mixing the powders until the final application of the saw blades, each step of the production process generates scraps.

In order to preserve the environment and because scraps contain some valuable products, FOXMET S.A. is also in a position to recycle the following materials:

A.    Powders mixtures
B.    Broken green parts
C.    Sintered segments
D.    Worn segments

Each type of scrap will be subject to a complete analysis.

Depending on your request and on the analysis results, FOXMET S.A. can propose you the following alternative:

1.    A simple purchase contract for the scrap you have available


2.    A toll agreement.

The toll agreement mainly consists in treating/recycling your scrap against a fee. Under such a contract, the diamonds that are recovered will be sent back to your attention. In addition and depending on the type of agreement we concluded, the diamonds may be sorted out according to their shape, sieved and may be submitted to a friatest in order to define their toughness index.

Should you request the sieving, the diamonds will be sorted out according to the following mesh sizes:

  • >20 mesh
  • 20/30
  • 30/40
  • 40/50
  • 50/60
  • 60/70
  • 70/80
  • 80/100
  • 100/120
  • 120/140
  • 140/170
  • 170/200
  • <200 mesh