Fused tungsten carbide

Fused  tungsten  carbide  powders  are  specially   treated, controled  and  screened.  Each  powder  is   formulated  to  achieve  an optimum value in hardness, abrasion and   erosion   as  well  as  impact   resistance. In  addition  and  due  to excellent wetting    properties,  fused  tungsten  carbide   powders  allow  to  achieve  superior infiltration  absorption   values. These  powders are used for manufacturing diamond tools such  as:  saw   blades, core bits, drill   bits  and other  infiltrated   components. Among  the  main  industrial  applications, fused  tungsten carbide powders are used for  cutting   abrasives   materials  such   as   asphalt   and  concrete.  Another famous application being the geological surveys and, particularly, the drilling oil-wells.

Analysis: Elements Specifications Typical
Tungsten (W)
Carbon (C) Total
Carbon (C) Free
Iron (Fe)
Oxygen (O)
3.90 - 4.20 %
0.10  % max.
0.40  % max.
0.10  % max.
   3.98 %
   0.08 %
   0.22 %
< 0.06 %
Particle Sizes: - 200 Mesh
- 150 + 200 Mesh
- 100 + 150 Mesh
    0 -   75 Ám
  75 - 106 Ám
106 - 150 Ám
Other grain sizes upon request.
Packaging : Drums or Pails of 25 and 50 kg
Other packaging upon request

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