Product description:

It is a polyvinyl butyral resin that is used as temporary binder for manufacturing metal powder granules.
Application: It is a fine-grained and free-flowing powder. Before processing, it has to be dissolved in specific solvents such as ethanol, butanol, etc. The solution is then mixed with metal powders and/or with diamonds for production of granules. The granules are thereafter submitted to cold pressing before sintering.
  • It is easy to use
  • It improves the green strength of cold pressed parts
  • It allows undamaged handling of the green parts until the furnace/hot press
  • It combusts at temperatures above 500C, leaving no residues
Physical Properties:
Color white
Molar Mass MW (g/mol)   57.000
Density at 20 C (g/cc)   ca 1.1
Dynamic viscosity (mPa.s) Hppler, DIN 53015
     - Ethanol 10% sol/20 C
     - n-butanol 5% sol/20 C
     - n-butanol 10% sol/20 C
Softening range (C) DIN ISO 4625 ca 150
Solubility: Unlimited in following alcohols: methanol, ethanol, propanol, i-propanol, butanol, i-butanol, diacetone alcohol and benzyl alcohols
Unlimited in following glycols ethers: 1-methoxy propanol-2, butyl glycol and methoxy butanol (3-methoxy butanol-1)
Limited in following Ketones: Aceton and Methylethylketon
Packaging: Bags of 15 kg.

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