Description: Micro-wax is a white wax in extremely fine powder form that is used as temporary binder for manufacturing metal powder pellets or as an additive for increasing the green strength of cold pressed parts.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It facilitates the ejection of green parts after cold pressing
  • It improves the green strength of cold pressed parts.
  • It improves the handling of the green parts until the furnace/hot press.
  • It combusts at temperatures above 500C, leaving no residues.
Specifications: Color
Physical form
Density at 20 C
Melting point
Flash point
Solubility in water
Extrafine powder
ca 1,0 g/cc
ca 140 C
ca 270 C
Packaging: Bags of 20 kg.
Storage: Should be stored in cooled and dried area.
Avoid electrostatic loading

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