AQUA BN is a colloidal dispersion of boron nitride in water. It is a product of Acheson France S.A. It is used as a lubricant and release agent. The boron nitride pigment is the most efficient lubricant for temperatures up to 1000 C.

Physical properties:

Specific Weight at 20 C:
Dry Extract at 105 C:
Viscosity (20 C, 200 trs/min):

white liquid
1160 kg/m
24,9 %
200 mPa.s


Aqua BN is applied wherever one wants to obtain refractory and/or anti-sticking surfaces. It has been specially designed to coat the graphite dies of the common hot presses that are used by the diamond tool industry. The boron nitride film acts as a demoulding agent that resists both to temperatures as high as 1000 C and to pressures as high as 350 kg/cm2.


Aqua BN is a unique product that offers the following advantages:

  • It resists to thermal shocks.
  • It increases the corrosion resistance of the graphite dies.
  • It reduces drastically the stickiness and facilitates the demoulding operations of the segments.
  • It shows excellent lubrication properties at high temperatures during the hot pressing.
  • It does not react with the metal powders that are hot pressed.

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